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Motherhood for me, has been a wonderful journey thus far. I have been blessed with three beautiful girls. There are days i reflect on my journey and wonder if i made the right decision, only to realize this is exactly where i was meant to be. Yes I have always dreamed of becoming a mother, but I don’t think I ever intended to give up a career in the process.  I finished college with big plans but soon after my first daughter, I realized motherhood was my priority. I did return back to work hoping to pickup where i left off, only to struggle with the fact i left my child in a strangers care. I find myself with baby #3 home again and wondering if I’ll ever go back or continue to stay at home and focus on my children. why is this so hard? Can there really be a balance with both career and parenting? not sure what I’ll decide in the end, my mission right now is to enjoy my children especially my new baby and be the best mom I can be.

why I am  blogging? (obviously a newbie)I have attempted this before and failed. What will I accomplish? hmmmm -maybe it will just help me clear my thoughts, unscramble my mommy brain and help me keep my sanity.  A journal? (who cares anyway?) its a life learning experience being a parent and I will blog my experience and focus on what i can do and not stress about what i cannot.

There,  my first post wasn’t so hard. Keep breathing, keep trying, keep learning, keep blogging.

Munchkin Happy  🙂