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Oh Pb sandwiches how we miss you so, long gone are those lunch days you stuck to our throats. How lovely you mingled with fruity jams; beautiful colors marbling breads. Bananas, Nutella, honey and cheese how easily you paired up for lunch so eager to please. With each delicious bite; how you ooze between the crusts. Some like you smooth ,some like you chunky but nutrition in every jar. You made lunch time so enjoyable, through the years you helped us grow.

First day of school and of course as expected the letters came home. dear parents, We would like to welcome everyone back and remind everyone our school  is a peanut free school. Please make sure your child brings nut free foods;anything packaged clearly labeled safe. There are students with serious life-threatening allergies. Let’s make sure our children remain safe, this means parents must read all food labels and ingredients; in consideration for those at threat…

Enjoying my pb sandwich for lunch today, I couldn’t help reflecting on all the days my own mama packed our lunch with such care.  Pb was my favorite, like many in the class; it was quick for mom to master and easily devoured by us kids. Packing lunches for my girls has been so time-consuming in comparison. Every week I make-out a lunch plan so i know ahead of time each morning what exactly I’m preparing. I make sure the girls are packed up with peanut-free healthy foods to fuel their day.  Many schools here in Ontario have gone peanut-free, so this was nothing new for me when it came to planning lunches. Although there are days I wish i could just pack a simple pb sandwich and get out the door, I think of those mothers out there who’s everyday worry is the food other kids might pack to school. They literally fear for their children’s lives. How lucky we have been thus far, none of our girls have any food restrictions. so yes, I read all the labels and ingredients on packaged treats or lunch snacks. No pb, no nuts whatsoever.

This year both our eldest girls are full days in school, requiring a snack for nutrition break and a regular lunch. How was i going to make sure they ate enough throughout the day to keep them fueled? I want to give them healthy foods and variety; enough to give them options yet still control what they eat.  I really started to worry, if they just don’t eat because they don’t like what i pack them, they will go through an entire day with empty little stomachs. After much internet and store browsing I came across the Bento Lunch.  Yes, this is perfect. so relieved and determined to get my girls fueled for learning I embarked on a journey of creative and nutritious lunches. Kidbites

Munchkin Happy. 🙂