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via Because I Am A Girl – Empowering Girls and Women Worldwide.

I am preparing dinner one evening and the doorbell rings. My girls immediately run to the window to have a look at who’s on the porch; “mommy its a boy” they announce. I open the door. He is standing there holding a book and says hello. I of course start to wonder what he is going to try to sell me this evening. He introduces himself and his company and gives us a good summary about what brings him to our door. To sum it up he is a representative of Plan a non-profit organization working with developed countries around the world to help children. My kids pop up from the other room; “You mean you help children like us?” they ask. “yes, just like you.” he responds.

“what kind of help?” My eldest continues. “well, many things;going to school, food, medicine…” he goes on and explains. “I really want to help” says my eldest again. “please mommy, we have to do something” “I promise to give them my special money” she pleads. The representative looks up at me and asks me what i think. Upon hearing my children’s interest and goodwill, It’s apparent that this was something we needed to do.

So i signed us up for a sponsor child. We so often spend absurd amounts of money on rubbish. One lump payment for the year, it wont be a burden;this is such a good cause.  The representative then sits down on my porch and takes out a stack of photographs. My girls sit next to him. Together they go through the stack and the girls decide which child they want to help. With each little face, they ask the name and what kind of help the child needs. Finally they both agree upon a girl from Liberia. “Mommy, we will give her whatever she needs.” my eldest says ” I want to make her a painting today. You know what, I think I want you to give her my birthday money too. So no party, lets give it to her instead”. she says to me with a smile on her face. They both quickly agree and run off to draw some pictures.

I felt so proud. Fighting back my tears, I sit down to gaze at the child’s photo. This little girl could be my little girl.  I knew we did the right thing. With our sponsorship, this little girl will be able to complete her education. She will be able to get the scholarship she needs to carry through the opportunity to better her life and that of her family.  ‘BECAUSE I AM A GIRL’ is a program that provides girls all over the world with assistance to the right of an education. What a perfect way to teach my kids to see and appreciate the life we are able to have and the importance of giving to those who haven’t been so fortunate. “she is part of our family now.” my daughter whispers as I tuck her into bed that night.

Proud and humbled by my daughters, I have decided to Join the ‘BECAUSE I AM A GIRL’ campaign. I have decided to spread the word throughout the school and social media on this chance to make a difference in the world. OCTOBER 11th has been designated International Girls day. My family and I will join thousands of other girls in our pink t-shirts (sold online through https://www.bruzer.com/biaag/ ) for the future of other girls like ourselves.

PLEASE, Raise your hand and help spread the word.


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or sponsor a child at: http://plan-international.org/girls/index.php?lang=en