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ISBN 9781596434028Baby has been feed and turned in for the night, girls are tucked in and I crawl into bed calling it a day.  I am in a light trance not quit there yet when suddenly I hear it; the sound of little feet approaching my door.

“mommy” I hear a moan, “my throat hurts” she cries.  Up I go, out of bed and it begins; the night shift.  I dread this time of year. It’s flu season, just as every school year begins and the weather starts to get breezy. I pull out the warm jackets and hats. I get the kids into my defence routine as I call it; Vitamins, plenty of greens,orange juice, sleep and of course the hand sanitizer. We can’t seem to prevent it; flu bugs are stubborn buggers but at least they don’t stick around as long. It’s a long cycle amongst us, like a game of tag. I can expect at least a full week before the house is clear and everyone is soundly back sleep again.

This time its my little one crying out for comfort and aid. I reach for her forehead and thermometer and luckily no fever.  She quickly gets tucked in with a cup of tea and some lemon… 2nd night both girls are up coughing; I grab the vicks jar rub some on the bottom of their feet and pull their socks back on. They are back to sleep. I wake up the next morning with a headache; I’m exhausted. By the 3rd night someones had their bed sheets changed (thank goodness for mattress pads)and A late-night shower to get the stinky goop out of their hair before going back to bed. 4th night into the shift the coughs are not as bad but the throats are still sore and I am now coughing. Will this never end? Time for the sticky stuff. I reach into the cupboard and pull out the honey and Cinnamon. I make a past and we each take a teaspoon (3 times a day).  We have now made it thorough the week, the girls are no longer coughing, no more sore throats and myself, I am feeling much better. Hey wait now…Cant forget baby, she now has a runny nose!  I run out to check her out at the doctors; being only 4 months old i want to make sure she is ok. Turns out baby is fine “Just give her a little warm shower, let the steam clear her congestion and elevate her mattress to help her breath at night”. the doctor says. I have been through this twice before with the other 2 girls so nothing new. “oh, do you want the flu shots for yourself and the girls?” he asks. “nope, already taken care of” I smile. I get home and hubby is back from work early. I sigh, he’s coughing. I reach for the honey and make him some tea; he takes an aspirin.

10 days…..flu is gone.

I am back to my sleep.  Munchkin Happy 🙂