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Tonight I’m working on the ironing. I have always hated ironing; always seems like an endless stack of perfectly white shirts. Just when I think I am done, the stack starts to pile up again! Ahhh, tonight isn’t the case you see; I have mastered ironing. In fact I find myself looking forward to this time alone, kids in bed, hubby watching his tv.

I run down to the laundry room cup of java in hand (yes, I even manage to multi-task), pull out the table and plug-in the iron. I reach for my ipad and pop in my ear buds; on comes the voice “Chapter 18”. Almost magical, why didn’t I come up with this so much sooner? It dawned on me one day while reading to my kids before bed. Why cant I be read to? Why don’t I get any reading time? Always just at the beach or park or camping. I want reading time! I love reading. Turns out I finally found plenty of reading time. I now download my audiobooks and just pop on my headphones. For tonight’s reading it’s ‘Fifty shades of grey’ by E.L James.

As I listen to my book, I  concentrate on the task at hand. (very carefully, steamy iron and steamy scenes equals damage) Quickly time passes, the pile goes down and I haven’t even broken out a sweat. A good hour later ironing is done and I am totally satisfied with my reading progress. I then happily join hubby on the couch for some quality movie time. No complaining, no grouchiness, I am perfectly content.

Tomorrow is laundry day! hoorah for laundry. Did I mention how I have found a new love for laundry? Luckily I have three wonderful messy children which means plenty of laundry, plenty of chores; One page at a time.

Munchkin Happy 🙂