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Found my eldest sound asleep with her face in a book. She’s been working really hard at her reading. 🙂

This month we are focusing on our reading skills. The girls come home each night with their reading homework.  The youngest is just starting on her sight words while my first grader is reading small phrased books. It has been quit the challenge. Night after night we go through reading assignments; some nights more frustrating then others. It can be smooth sailing one page and tears on the next. “I don’t remember that word” cries my little one. Changing letter sounds, letter combinations, it gets so overwhelming. With much patience, we continue reading through together. I am always on the look out for exciting new topics to read. There are so many great books out there for kids to get absorbed in. Together we read every night and I make sure they are being exposed to different genres; poems, short stories, novels and even kid science texts.

I want my girls to learn the importance of reading but most importantly learn to love reading. Studies have shown the importance of reading to kids at an early age; and how its an essential part of their development.  It feeds their creativity and enriches there verbal skills. Together we make time at home for reading and writing.  Yet still it is actually quit challenging to get them to read on their own. I don’t remember reading ever being this hard as a kid. From Phonics Videos to activities and games, I am exploring all avenues.

We drive around and read signs, food menus when out dinning, labels on food packages when at the groceries and even play word card games using flash cards. They will actually tell you how much they love visiting our local chapters on the weekend. while hubby and I grab a cup of java, the girls run off to screen the book isles. I then take some time to find new and exciting books to read before bed. Moments later the girls appear with a hand full of books and they are all excited about their finds. So, we sit in a quiet corner and read together. As we turn the pages, the words seem to jump out at them; its really rewarding. All the hard work is really showing. Slowly but surely they are both reading. Like everything else its patience and lots of practice, practice, practice.

Munchkin Happy. 🙂

The Little Engine that could by Watty Piper

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