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“It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none. ”  ― Snoop Dogg

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This weekend Hubby and I had a friend’s wedding to attend. This time we were solo for the night while the kids stay at grandma’s house. So, eager to get out my best dress and prepare for a wonderful night, I begin getting ready early in the morning.  I reach for my fav. shower gel only to find the bottle empty. Empty! I  jump back out of the shower and go looking for a new bottle in the linen closet.  I could have sworn i had another bottle. hmmm I get to thinking, someone has been in my stuff;by someone I am thinking hubby. Yes, he likes to use my products; although he doesn’t ever admit to it. I know he uses my shower gel because I can always smell it on him. Arrrrrg! I don’t mind so much the ‘sharing’, But I hate when it gets used up and the empty bottle gets put back on the rack.  Ok. I make a mental note to remember to buy him some shower gel when i go get mine.  I have recently got into the habit of picking out some other things I have noted he likes to use of mine, like my foot soaks or foot cream, face scrubs, nail buffer, etc.  Anytime I get out to replenish my beauty products I now find myself browsing over the male products. So there are a good number of female like products marketed for men; hair dyes, shampoos, moisturizer. maybe he just prefers my stuff over the mens selection. I admit, I too buy certain male products such as deodorant and razors. Frankly, I don’t like my arm pits smelling like fruit or flowers. Too often the under arm deodorants for women are not only stinky but aren’t even effective. How is it, that women’s products cost twice as much as those for men? Call me crazy, I get to spend more but end up with less when I am caught with having to share my stuff? ” but it works” he responded once; upon my noticing my fav. apricot facial scrub was unusually low.  “Fine, I’ll share” I chuckled in response. after all, How can I not offer up something I love and believe is essential.  besides, I have been guilty of reaching for his razor when mine craps out in the shower. So we are even in a sense. I smile, at least I know he’s enjoying the stuff and making good use of it.  Yep, whats yours is yours; whats mine is ours! although, I’m not sure he will feel the same about me borrowing his socks.  😉