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It’s been a really busy month. Thanksgiving with family, finding a new school for the girls, wedding and birthday celebrations, and of course everything in between. “how do you manage?” I get asked. well, for the most part its keeping a routine; with three young children its really the only way to keep our sanity.

Although I am home with the kids, it’s no vacation. Any parent will tell you, it’s hectic and stressful and exhausting. The key is finding the balance. This for me is prioritizing my time between the girls and things I love to do.  My “me” time. If I can’t help myself, I can’t help my kids. I make time for those things I enjoy doing like my artwork or baking or even just taking a nap. I have hubby take the girls out for a couple of hours and sometimes the afternoon on the weekend. Dad gets his quality time and mommy is happily getting her quiet time. As with most routines, I have also learned to give myself enough time to adapt to change (it’s helped me tremendously). Lets face it, like everything else kids are not always predictable. Learn to embrace the situation by pausing (take a deep breath)see the big picture (there’s always a good side). It brings the stress level down a notch and also teaches kids how to handle change and stress. So don’t sweat the small stuff as you’ve already heard and make time for yourself.   Deep breath, count to 3 and carry on.

MunchkinHappy 🙂

Book about accepting and adapting to change.