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The cuddle loom agent kids shirt

This week my girls started at a new school. Hubby and I decided that for various reasons the previous school they attended just wasn’t working. I stressed over this decision for a good couple weeks. Initially I had my doubts when we moved to the new neighbourhood and placed them in the nearest school. We gave it a chance and it just wasn’t a fit. Long story short, the Sk program was terrible for our youngest but not the case with our oldest. M was having a great time, made new friends, and had an awesome teacher; it broke my heart to tell her we were moving them yet again.  It only made sense you move one you move both; so we did. Almost a full week in and immediately you see the difference in the little one. First day, I Pick them up and they are full of great stories of what they did and the fun they had. They seem to fit right in and both girls quickly adjusted. Wow, I’m impressed. As the week progresses, I proceed to ask what any concerned parent would ask “did you make new friends?” my six-year-old turns to me and nods”yes mommy” oh, wonderful i think “what’s their name?” I continue (anyone hearing our conversation along the way home would think it was an official interview)”top-secret mommy” she replies. “top-secret?” “what you mean top-secret?” I prompt. “well…its a secret mommy, we wont tell!”

Today, I tried to push for names again. “nope,remember? top-secret? I cannot tell.” I manage to find out there are 5 of them and they met out in the yard for recess. I’m relieved they aren’t imaginary. Sigh, Moms no longer cool. My little one is holding her mouth and giggling. well, that was that. Strictly classified. Lesson learned, my kids truly are stronger then i thought. If only mom here could stop stressing.

MunchkinHappy 🙂