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I wish I were an astronaut floating out in space                

I’d eat spaghetti on the moon no sauce left on my face

No knives, no forks, no dirty dishes piling in the sink

Just me myself and the universe alone in silence to think

No chairs, no tables, no manners or people in need of a tip

No telephones or telemarketers with endless calls and lip

I wish I were an octopus swimming deep in the seas

With many arms and legs to use no need for helping pleads

No dirty laundry, no ironing clothes

No vacuuming, no picking up toys

Just swim all day and float around; no screaming kids, no noise.

I wish I were the big bright sun shinning in the sky

Admired by all on my brightest of days, warming the earth from so high

but the sun is so lonely way up in the sky

No family to cherish, friends to meet up, No kids to go home to; play dress-up or hide

No hugging, no kisses, no hello or goodbyes

and all the wonderful moments that make up our lives

So In the end I guess I can say

I wish I were nothing more then what I am today; a mommy, wife and friend.