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Screeching and giggling

they take to the streets

Stomping and marching

their bags filled with treats

Wearing masks and disguises

all spooky and creepy

Some get surprised

and some get all weepy

Hear the gusty wind blow

the crunching of leaves

It’s the end of October; see the colors on trees

Together they march, right up to the doors

As mommy and daddy stay behind and watch close

Texting and chatting they stand with their phones

Sipping their coffees while sharing Halloween’s past

they wave to their neighbours; as time races fast

Trick or treat shout the kids, as the night nears its end

smiles on their faces; so much fun they’ve all had

Just one bite?

How much longer?

All this candy, I have

Now hold on little monster

Mom and dad must have a look through

making sure its edible and wrapped-up new

A Safe and happy Hallows Eve

to all boos and gouls!