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Blue Anger
Oil on Canvas

Sometimes life throws you challenges that may at times feel so beyond your control you fall into deep emotion of sadness. It’s a feeling of helplessness and despair that eventually surfaces into anger. When tears dry out and no longer flow but leave you feeling suffocated and at a loss of words.

Angry at yourself for feeling so helpless, angry at the world and its harsh reality. Angry at Life for the manner of the blow. Finally exhaustion settles in;knocks you into the world of sleep and total darkness. The mind goes off into a blur and you cannot even dream of so much exhaustion. Knocked out so hard you barley notice the sunrise.  Finally awake again, your head feels like a train rec, your body burns like flames and your eyes are so sore you vaguely bat an eyelash. Your mind wonders for a second and reminds you of those others who need your support, who need you to be strong for them. Deep breath, You realize it’s a new day.

That experience was 10 years ago but will forever be a part of who I have become. Those were the days that made me stronger, made me realize that nothing can possibly ever be as terrible as loosing a loved one. Take nothing for granted and always love to the fullest. We are all travellers in this life;some travel long roads while others are called to take shortcuts.

Hug them a little tighter tonight.

MunchkinHappy 😉