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Baby Ruth wrapped

It has been quit the week here at home. While recouping from a bad cold and getting my kids ready for bed, I reached for a mini chocolate bar. There it was; mmmmmmm i thought as i savored my Baby Ruth. I love chocolate and peanuts. So there I was inhaled my chocolate and proceeded with the bedtime routine.  We did our reading, I tucked in the girls and Baby A started to fuss and cry. She’s really tired i thought, all the fussing and crying; I already fed her. She is teary and her eyes are getting red. I then notice her reaching for her ear and scratching. I turn her over and look at her other side of the face and she is covered in a rash! Dear G I scream out, running into the bathroom. I undress her and quickly examine her. Her rash runs around her face and neck covering an ear and a big red blotch on her face marking my kiss. Horrified I ran her a bath and completely rinsed her from head to toe. In my mind I am running through everything she has eaten in last 24 hours, trying to figure out what she is reacting to.  It suddenly hits me; The Baby Ruth! Peanuts!

I watch her all night, making sure she’s breathing normally and watching for anything out of ordinary. Her rash has faded a bit and she has settled down. The next morning its off the doctors to see what he says and after an examination he is quick to confirm a peanut allergy. We are then booked for a 9am specialist appointment the very next morning.

Today, bright and early; everyone got out the door to make the 9am appointment. After 1 1/2 hours we finally get to our turn and the specialist examines the still apparent rash. “peanuts” she confirms. “did you kiss her?” she asks me as I run her through what happened. “yes” I replied. I can’t tell you how horrible that sounded and felt. What kind of mother eats peanuts and then kisses her baby? How could I have been so stupid? So angry at myself for messing up.

So, we had to now make sure our home was peanut free and be prepared for any future emergency. We were prescribed a couple of epipens; one for our car since we travel a lot and the other to have at home. Baby A is to have one ready at all times. Quit scary to think all it takes is for someone who has eaten it to touch her and she will have another reaction. Not only will I have to be extra extra careful to read all the labels on food products, but I will also have to make sure anyone we come in contact with hasn’t had any to eat that same day.  What about product labels that don’t disclose ingredients? Restaurants? Products that don’t contain peanuts but have been cross-contaminated?  so so scary! For now, I will have to focus on our home. Get ride of all the peanut butter, Halloween peanut candy and make sure our other girls understand the danger of peanuts to their little sister. Come January Baby A will be tested for her allergy. We will be able to determine the extent of her reaction and know for sure if it includes all other tree nuts.  Tonight she sleeps soundly; peaceful and safely snug in her bed.