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Kids on the bus

Kids on the bus (Photo credit: roarpett)

Baby A and I have been taking part in a school program called ‘Roots of Empathy’   We meet with a classroom of students to in our schools to teach them the importance of Love and affection in the development of children.

We had our first meeting this month, baby A got measured and weighed; and students got to make their predictions on her stage of development at 4 months of age.
It has been a great experience and we look forward to the next few meetings a head as baby A continues to develop and change. Everyone had the chance to see first hand what baby A was doing, her temperament, her reactions, her expressions and emotions; as well as hear from me what caring for her involves such as eating and sleeping patterns, crying, and a lot of essential love and attention she needs.

I can’t express how happy I am to have the chance to take part in this program. With all the negative activities going on with children and youth such as bullying and violence; teaching kids about empathy and giving them a chance to observe and experience this opportunity is so so important today. Programs like these in our schools reach out to our communities in so many ways; Teaches our youth the responsiblity of being a parent and caring for a real baby no doll could ever mimic, Shows kids how to relate to young children/babies  and their families, the importance of being a caring community member towards others and their sensitivities, differences and feelings.  These programs also reach out to new mothers who need to interact more with community outside of their homes. Mothers or parents that would otherwise feel isolated and disconnected from their friends, co-workers and society.

Love is a universal language regardless of faith, color or gender. Together as a community we teach and guide our future generations, empathy is great way to start. The saying “it takes a village to raise a child” .. together we make that difference; parents, teachers and friends.

For more info on ‘Roots of empathy’ or how you can get your school involved


Roots of Empathy: Introduction – YouTube.