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This Week I got the house ready for Christmas. Here in Oakville and Toronto the annual Santa Claus parade which is taking place this weekend marks the start of the Holiday season. Children all over the province are excited for the arrival of Santa and his reindeer. Santa comes to town to collect all the letters of requests and admiration from the kids.  On His sleigh pulled by reindeer he follows  marching bands, huge holiday floats and lots and lots of smiling faces. Its become tradition for my family. Ever since I can remember, my mom would get the house ready my dad would hang up the outdoor lights, and we would all head down to the big parade where we would watch with our warm hot chocolates all smiles as Jolly St. Nick came by and waved. Its magical, watching the faces of my kids today; the glitter in their eyes and expressions of joy.

The Parade also marks the opening of the retail shopping season; holiday hours begin and everyone starts crowding up the malls in search of the perfect gifts. The christmas music can be heard everywhere as people race to complete their lists and company parties are booked for employees who have been working busily all year. Eggnog, carols, holiday movies, snowflakes and skates. The smell of cinnamon and hot cookies fresh out of the oven. Ginger breads and spicy ciders, the wrapping paper, and  sharing with those in need. For many its a time of faith celebrated in gathers with loved ones remembering traditions long passed down. It’s the season of sharing. Tomorrow morning we continue the annual tradition, a great breakfast together followed by a wonderful festive parade; sharing laughter, smiles and hot coco.

Munchkinhappy 🙂

Admiring the tree with her pals….she sings to the tree 🙂