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Saturdays Santa parade was fantastic and followed by a wonderful family lunch. We then strolled down the main street and did some window shopping and checked out a few shops including a kids toys store.  The girls were excited about the ‘Elf on the shelf’ display. We had decided a few nights earlier, to introduce the girls to the elf story and concept to test out the waters and see if they would believe in it. Being 6 and 5 we thought might be too late at this point since we never entertained the idea of it previous years. I came across the dvd and thought it would be a good intro without having to invest into the toy right away. We sat and watched it together, it was really cute and well done. The girls then started to ponder on why it was that ‘Elfie’ never came to visit our home. They loved him and the idea of this little elf helping Santa visiting every year.  At the Toy store, they asked for the elf. My husband then decided it would be nice to start the tradition. After all, baby A would eventually follow. As i walked the girls out of the shop, hubby was quick to purchase the kit and hide it within the baby stroller unnoticed. “Maybe the elf will come this year now that you both believe in him”. I whispered as i tucked them in bed. Smiling they went right to sleep. When they got up this morning I could hear their little feet as they ran into the living room. “Mommy he’s here!” they were screaming “The elf is really here!” smiling ear to ear. There he was sitting atop of the tree. Hubby thinks it’s so funny; seeing their reactions and the manner in which they now talk to elf. They named him Chippy. Chippy is here to stay, he will watch the girls and report to Santa.  A new tradition in deed! Such a magical time.

MunchkinHappy 🙂