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Daily Prompt: Me Time | The Daily Post.


Candles (Photo credit: magnuscanis)

On a regular Saturday Morning, I make breakfast for my family and after some morning topic discussions (which usually involves highlights from the week and requests for things to do on our 2 days off from school) We take the time to relax and unwind from our hectic week. This morning however, I woke up made everyone breakfast and just watched my kids go about their usual playful ways. I sat in silence, my heart full of sadness and my mind full of anger for the tragedy that happened in Connecticut. I have been trying to imagine what parents and families are feeling right now in the wake of the nightmare their lives have turned into. No parents should ever ever have to feel that way.

Children are precious gifts. They bring love, laughter and unforgettable moments to our lives. They enrich our souls with beauty and knowledge; through their innocent eyes we relive and replenish our own childhood memories. Without them there is no future in this world. Yet Children are the biggest victims today suffering the most unbelievable of abuse, violence and torture. Many are taken from this world with such cruelty. I am saddened to think of what they suffered at the hands of a heartless monster. Yes, this monster was a troubled young man and I cannot for a second find a reason or excuse or even a slight glimpse of forgiveness for what he has inflicted on these children and families. I am human, I am a mother, I am a daughter, I am a child of God. I am not perfect by any means but this was not acceptable! Why do humans inflict so much pain on each other? Why do we continue to support a system of corruption and inhumanity? GUNS ARE NOT NATURAL. GUNS ARE NOT THE ANSWER.  GUNS. ARE. A BUSINESS.

As long as we human beings continue to support guns, we continue to support corruption into our schools, community, society and homes. It’s a never-ending cycle. I keep hearing “its a part of my constitutional right to own a gun” really?  please ask yourselves looking right in the face of what has been happening to our people, our children; in the eyes of these parents and families and answer this: I NEED A GUN BEACAUSE_______________________.  What do you fear so deeply in your soul that could possible justify you having a gun at home? A gun in your home where you hold everything most precious and valuable to your life?  Think for a minute with me here because my mind is just gonna explode soon. You own a gun right now at this moment and are appalled with what is going on, you decide you’re gonna get ride of it. What will you do with it? Sell it? destroy it? sadly it will end up in the wrong hands again because a gun is worth money. Guns are sold and then resold illegally, simply unaccounted for. Another gun made available to sick minds, dark souls, conditioned beings. I will say it again GUNS ARE NOT NATURAL. Human beings are incredibly capable of loving like nothing else in life. We need to focus on spreading that universal language and setting an example for our youth. Living out that love and believing in a higher being. Faith. Why do people believe its socially and morally acceptable to showcase guns, run around pointing them at each other in front of kids yet when things get ugly and are presently in our faces expect them to close their eyes? Why condition them to thinking its ok to have a gun in the house, ok to allow them as a constitutional right but then shield the conditioning of the results/consequences ?  Lets not continue fooling ourselves and let’s be held accountable for the stupidity and cruelty taking over our kind. By no means do I mean to argue politics here, I for one have no interest in it. I simple need to get out my thoughts and feelings on what has Happened. Politics as a Canadian are discussed by those I vote to parliament to represent me and what I believe are important as a Canadian Citizen.  I cannot help being concerned for those who are in need right now, and Hope that they have a strong enough Leader to not only guide but to take the right action for its people.

I am comforted by the fact that there is more good out there in the world then evil but a part of my mind can’t help fear the little darkness that still lingers out there. I don’t own a gun nor will I ever justify owning one.  We pay taxes and intrust the safety to those uniformed men and women who dedicate their everyday lives to the safety of our community, yet people feel the need to own a gun in their homes? Unacceptable! Would it be natural to expect that school principal to have a gun at the school?  GUNS ARE NOT NATURAL!!!!! IF you think what I am saying here (what I am thinking) is crazy, WAKE UP TURN ON THE NEWS; that was crazy. May the good light and love continue to grow amongst us, give us hope that the darkness will end and scars be held with each present day.

This is my state of mind this Saturday Morning. Anger and Sadness!  RIP little angels, this crazy and unjust world didn’t deserve you. All those suffering this tremendous loss are in my thoughts. May god extent his love and comfort to all who need it the most and help us find a real answer to end this chaos.  My condolences.