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Fait. Light. Love.It was a rainy peaceful Sunday. My family and I gathered to celebrate my daughter’s christening day. It was a day to reflect on the importance of faith in our lives. Although my personal faith has changed over the years, I have chosen to raise my family in the old faith. I want them to believe in a higher being, a greater good and learn the message of love. To me it’s about love; love for yourself and all the was created good. I want them to learn to respect every living thing, see the light and goodness in our world and always know there is hope when times get dark and tough. This was a day of tradition and family.  So close to Christmas, such a hectic time for all; yet I wanted to take the time to gather all those I love and hold close to my heart and celebrate the presence we all hold in each others lives. We shared laughter, food and love. It was a day of light, a day very much-needed amidst a lot of darkness that has surfaced this past week in the world. May the light and faith extend to all those whom need it in such hours of darkness. May his presence bring comfort and peace to all regardless of faith, color or orientation.  I pray for gods strength, understanding and guidance.

I am truly blessed and Give thanks.
That is my wish, that is my prayer.

MuchkinHappy 🙂

Grant us Peace.