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Merry Christmas!Every day the last couple weeks, we wait for him to arrive. Right after the girls get home from school they both hurry to check our mail box. “Any Mail mommy” they ask.  I reach in and grab the pile of mail searching for the familiar envelopes. “Oh, yes! here they are” I reply. Careful to not tear them, I pull out the card read the message it brings and the girls look over the card then placing each new one on the mantle piece.

We love getting Holiday greetings in the mail from our friends and family. The feeling they bring is almost magical. It’s a great way to send warm holiday cheers to each and every special person in our lives. Every year I make out our own cards, usually with a Santa photo of the kids to everyone. I think it’s a nice touch to the holidays, especially since we don’t always get to spend time with each and everyone throughout the year. Just a simple way to say hello, wish them a wonderful Christmas and Newyear as well as remind them we care and appreciate their friendship.

There has been mention on the decline of greeting cards for big companies such as hallmark due to social media and email services. Email, text and even online greetings have taken over now. People have replaced actual cards with virtual methods. Yes, I too have sent online formats to friends but I still prefer sending cards in the mail. I take the time to personally write out each card and address them. I still purchase my stamps and send them off through the postal service. Call me old fashioned, but I love Opening each and every one I receive and reading them. They bring warmth and cheers, they make the house that more festive.  It says; I remembered you, I took the time for you and I wish you well.

Magical. 🙂