My Artwork is an escape. A blank canvas is a place for all my exhaustion, frustrations, anger, happiness and even sadness. It’s my therapy, it’s my passion.

It started with my 2nd year of highschool. Unsure of how to fill-up my spare time in school, i thought artclass would just be an easy option.  I started keeping a sketchbook and filled it daily with assignments, inspirations and just random drawings of things and people around me. What i ended up handing in was a collections of perhaps some of my best artwork ever.  Quit accidental, I had stumbled on a talent (as some had called it).  I then started to spend more time drawing and painting and one piece lead to another; eventually graduating from college out of an advertising and graphic deign program. Today I continue to paint, mainly oil on canvas. My emotions and thoughts spring to life through vivid colors and motions. From my tiny home studio I work away, happily painting and enjoying my other passion in life; my children.

MunchkinHappy 🙂

View/support my Portfolio at:                 sketch


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